Learn More About the Building Maintenance Services for all

What initially began as a small operation for performing various repairs in the neighboring houses, initiated by the company’s founder, later on became well known in the country as one of the best providers of quality services for building repairs, maintenance and even construction. Being passionate about buildings and architecture himself, the company’s owner decided that it was time for him to be able to offer what he had learned at the Institute of Archimagesitecture to all those who had buildings and houses that were in need for adjustments of various kinds.

An idea was formed, which made him offer quality services to all properties and buildings, this way making sure that everyone would have been happy with the state of their properties. As years passed by, the company grew and gathered more and more employees, reaching a 50 member composition, which ensures quality servicing for buildings and constructions in over 10 cities across the whole country.

The main services that are offered involve repairs and maintenance for architectural elements of the buildings, such as facades, stairs, pillars, walls, etc., cleaning and refurbishing operations, as well as fire proofing. For those for whom safety is the main concern, the company also features a specialized division which will ensure a proper assessment against any building weaknesses which can be considered to pose a potential risk factor when it comes to earthquakes.

All those who are sensing that some things might not be in their proper shape and order with regard to the architectural and structural aspects of their houses, can confidently call upon the Building Maintenance Services for all companies, which will offer them with top quality operations that can be adapted to the specific requirements that arise from the characteristics of each inspected building or architectural element they are requested for.