Obtain Seismic Certification for Your House

As mentioned earlier, one special service provided by Building Maintenance Services for All is its seismic proofing certification, which enables people to verify that dbb31cd5d0f38e8f6ccbb5456d140857_xl-jpg-662x0_q70_crop-scaletheir houses meet the requirements needed for passing the earthquake risk potential.

When a customer wishes to add this service to an already purchased service line or wishes to acquire it separately, he or she must specify that they wish to register the respective building or establishment into the testing phase and provide all the necessary details for the seismic risk tests. Some aspects include:

  • The date of construction of the building(s) that are to be reviewed and assessed, as this is one of the most important factors when it comes to the seismic risk evaluation. Both the date of inception and completion must be provided;
  • The date of the last technical review of the building, which must be accompanied with the inspection certificate and review results, for different elements, such as the internal structure, ceiling, walls, windows, columns, poles, etc.;
  • The architectural details characterizing the building: plan with dimensions, additional elements, alterations and modifications made after the initial construction;
  • The known issues and problems that might present an inherent risk to earthquakes and other seismic activity, here customers having the option to also include the issues they might have been able to find themselves;
  • Other aspects and details that might be significant when it comes to seismic risks and activities, such as the furniture in the buildings or other heavy/imbalanced elements.

Provided that they have offered the aforementioned details in the registration form, people will also be required to offer a specific interval when the buildings in discussion will be available for the assessment process, which can possibly last up to 5 days in a row and this can be undesirable if unplanned. So now you understand the specifics.