Premium Services for Special Customers

On this page, people will find detailed information on the Special Customers program offered by the Building Maintenance Services for all companies, which will provide its participants special privileges. All those who are interested in thdownload-1ese services are invited to have a look at the following pages.

When entering the Special Customers program, one will be “empowered” with additional rights and privileges when compared with the standard customers. Such additional privileges entail access to all-year-round services, which basically means that they will be assigned priority status when compared to regular customers.

Entering the program isn’t complicated at all and the staff at Building Maintenance Services for All will ensure that everyone benefits from a swift and straightforward registration process. People can register by either using the provided form or contacting the company at any of the telephone numbers from the contact page. Regardless of their choice, they must be aware that entering the program will require them to provide their credentials, email address and physical address where the buildings or structures that need servicing are located.

Once entered in the program, people will benefit from an assistant that is dispatched from the Building Maintenance Services for All headquarters, which has the sole purpose of constantly checking the requirements of the customers who are enlisted in the program, and who are undergoing maintenance or repair operations for a specific building. Furthermore, since they will be enjoying the support of an assistant in all their projects, customers will be able to call upon them at any given time and they will offer their feedback regardless of the circumstances.

The Special Customers program will involve a fee, which is paid upon the receipt of the registration form, and customers will be able to pay it using several methods. Currently supported are credit cards, PayPal and wire transfers.