This page was specifically designed to offer customers and interested users a more in-depth look at what the company offers in terms of rendered services, and which are the particular characteristics that make them so frequently selected.

The main line of services that are provided by the Building Maintenance Services for All are represented by the repairs and maintenance operations which are performed for building architectural elements such as walls, ceilings, stairs, columns, pillars, porches, etc. Each of the presented elements can be repaired individually or together in a project. To this end, customers who request the repairs or maintenance process can specify that the individual elements are to be treated separately or make up their own project where they can add multiple elements and aspects of a building, which can be attended by the company.

Aside from the repairs and maintenance services rendered, the Building Maintenance Services for All also provides a special routine that entails checking the properties and afferent buildings for aspects that might pose a potential threat when it comes to earthquakes. Adequately named “Seismic Proofing”, this service will provide a thorough assessment of the buildings at stake in terms of their structural integrity and all the weaknesses and afterward present a detailed report of the identified issues, their severity and recommended actions that need to be taken for each specific problem. In case, the respective building or housing assembly fulfills the requirements of a building that is certified to withstand the force of an earthquake of a particular magnitude, the respective building will receive a certification which qualifies it as safe for being inhabited.

A range of other specialized services can also be provided, depending on the specific requirements of the customers who have building issues that cannot be encompassed in the standard services range.